Service Means Providing The Best Solution To Your Individual Needs!

Belak Woodworking LLC produces custom furniture to your tastes, using certified wood and eco-friendly finishing. Customizing furniture provides almost endless combination of color, shape, dimension, and size based on your expectations.

If you are willing to create an uncommon look of your home-traditional or contemporary, we offer high quality handcrafted radius and asymmetrical furniture and cabinets: kitchen radius islands, radius cabinet doors, radius vanities, dining and living tables, counter tops, etc.We can customize and build any furniture that fits into your space and satisfies your personal taste.

You can improve the look and feel of your home for less money and in less time than you would ever expect. Old furniture, cabinets, trim, and molding gets worn down through the years. Belak Woodworking LLC extends the life of your home and furnishings by restoring the beauty of the original design.

We appreciate that every customer has a unique vision about how to improve their home and furnishing. We understand your expectations.

The choice is yours:

Custom-made products will…

  • differentiate your home from your neighbors
  • complement the style of your home
  • turn your ideas into handcrafted reality using your preferred materials

Environmentally friendly products will…

  • ensure a sustainable and healthy lifestyle
  • make a difference for the next generation, your children, by using non-toxic, low VOC lacquer, and wood free of harsh chemicals for the furnishing and cabinetry
  • preserve natural forests by using reclaimed wood and more sustainable materials such as bamboo

Enjoy the new look of your family antique pieces of furniture as you ask us for…

  • RE-storing the original color and finishDSC_0119
  • RE-laminating the surface
  • RE-modeling some parts or the whole furniture
  • RE-pairing damaged areas
  • RE-facing cabinetry

Commercial and Residential

Licensed and Insured

Delivery and Installation